Best Way to Take Pictures of Cars

Taking pictures of your car can be fun and rewarding if it’s done right. Many people don’t realize that there is a right, and a wrong, way of doing it. If your goal is an easier to sell car, then following a few simple ideas for taking the best pictures possible can really pay off.

Following are some simple ideas:

Wet the Black-Top- Take a look at any movie shot at night, notice that even if it’s not raining out the black-top is often wet. Wet black top looks great; it hides any imperfections that might draw the eye away from your car. Obviously, you are not going to have a water truck in which to do this so the picture will have to be fairly close up, but trust me, it’ll look better wet.

Background- This is probably the biggest offender. Make sure the background is not “busy”. A park setting, or parking lot are ok, just don’t let something like a lamp pole sneak in right behind the car. My very favorite place to shoot photos is at the top of a parking garage with a three foot, or so, concrete wall behind the car, and behind that nothing but beautiful, blue sky.

At Speed- This can be difficult, and even dangerous. You will need a couple of friends to help, do not get caught up in getting the perfect picture at the expense of safety. With that said, pictures of your car at speed can look great. The rims will be blurred obviously, so if they are not a selling point this can be a bonus.

Overhead Isometric- Most people never think of this, and never notice it when they see the photo, but it adds a lot of value in a subconscious way. You will need to find, or create, a way to get higher than the standard profile shot of the car. Think of it as a ¾ view from above, and slightly down, toward the front end of the car. In other words, you are shooting the front corner, which takes us to:

Wheel/Tire Angle- If you are doing the isometric view shot, make sure the front wheel is turned so that the flat of the wheel is facing the camera. You want to show off those tires and rims, and even if the person looking at the photo doesn’t notice on a conscious level, it will still make an impact. Just look at any professional photo!

Keep the Car Clean- This should be a no brainer, but it still warrants a mention. Be sure that the car is clean. Clean the tires up with tire dressing even if they are bald!

Follow these simple steps and selling your car will be much easier than the same car with a terrible photo. Interest in your car is the first and most important step to selling it. Now get out there and take some excellent photos!

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