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Follow Friday

The phenomena of Follow Friday on Twitter … what’s it about? Well, simply put … it’s an opportunity for you to recommend people you follow (and hopefully like) to others, i.e. your followers. Quite a good idea if you ask me. Assuming you follow someone who share your interest in a certain subject, and your followers follow you for the same reason, you can let them know about this. Perhaps your followers, or the person you follow and recommend, will appreciate this and recommend you to their followers. It’s really a win-win situation for all.

So why Follow Friday, why not Follow Tuesday, or Wednesday? My theory is that it just sounds better, and it’s also at the end of the week and you’ve had a few days to think it over. It makes sense, basically.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend a few tweeps (Twitter users) that I personally find interesting and think that others should follow as well:

@jonbuscall – Simply brilliant! What he doesn’t know about Social Media, creating good content, creative writing, is not worth knowing. And if you by any chance would have a question about Basset hounds, he can probably answer that too! 🙂

@socialmedia2day – A business community for some of the web’s best thinkers on Social Media.

@mashable – Another one of these must follow tweeps. Pete Cashmore is the guy behind this community of writers and geeks. Anything in Social Media, business, tech and so on.

@davidairey – A brand identity designer, as well as avid blogger and author of “Logo Love Design – A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities”.

Now, apart from these guys, I’d also like to recommend you to follow @bbcnews for the latest updates on the World news, @jamie_oliver for anyone who’s interested in food, and last but definitely not least @DalaiLama (His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama) for your spiritual wellfare.

If you follow these people / tweeps I believe your off to a good start. Of course you might not be interested in design or social media, or even the news. This is really up to you. You need to find your favourites. All I can do is to help you on the way. I might have missed mentioning some other great tweeps, so why don’t you suggest your favourites!