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A Word Of Warning, Google!

Google now wants to begin charging people for using YouTube. What’s behind this decision is completely beyond me! YouTube has hundreds of millions of users, millions each day. These users watch anything from short snippets of cats playing to whole movies. The sad reality is that most of the content on YouTube is pure rubbish, only a small percentage is actually worth watching. All of it is funded by advertising. Google makes millions, if not billions, of dollars in profit from this. Yet they now want to implement a fee for using already ad funded service.

A word of warning for Google … people will not pay for rubbish. A fee, however small, will cause your users to look elsewhere. The very day you begin charging this fee, you will see a host of competitors popping up offering the same service … for free! And not only that, when your users disappear so will your advertisers.

Think twice before you go ahead with this!

Bye, bye Buzz!

I hate to say “I told you so”, but … I told you so! Buzz is dead, gone, done for, kaput! Google has finally given up on trying to compete with Twitter, and it wasn’t a day to late.

I’ve said, since the first apparence of Buzz, that they would never be able to muster the followers/users to beat Twitter at a game that Twitter pretty much invented. I turned out to be right!

I’m not at all surprised. Google has done this many times over the years, but for some reason they never seem to learn. My advice to Google is to simply stick to what they know best, namely Search. They do this well, perhaps best of all, and for that they deserve a lot of respect. Personally, Google’s search engine is the only one I ever use. I might have tried a few others, but non has been as good as Google.

The sad thing is, they still try to venture into areas where they have no record of success. Google Plus is the latest venture. An attempt to compete with Facebook. Will they succeed? My prediction is that they won’t! It is as I said … a little sad to see!

Top 3 Google Products

Google is the reason why so many people can watch, read and consult billions of relevant websites daily. I remember the times when conducting a proper online research required special skills and how people proudly advertise such research skills. Google has made internet browsing as easy as anything. The company received instant popularity with its launch in 1998 and became the main search engine in less than three years time.

Since then, Google has become more than just a search engine and has given birth to several spectacular products of its own. The list of services and products which Google offers are many but let’s discuss only the more popular ones here.

Google Android

Google Android made the idea of smartphones practical. The android software generated an entire new range of features for smartphones. A lot of companies are collaborating with Google’s Android Open Source Project to make more applications for the smartphone users. Android is helping half of internet users to log on to different websites, stream live shows, download, upload and share files through smartphones.


The world of social media offers more prospects for a single entity to manage. Google stepped into the social medium with its Buzz and +1 feature and is currently enjoying its official launch. Unlike Facebook, it is an invite only network and helps users categorize their family, friends, acquaintance and other contacts online. Some of the reports claim that over 20 million people have already joined G+ and this number is with shocking speed at 2 million users per day. The brawl between Facebook and G+ is an old story now. What we get to read more these days is how Facebook’s privacy setting is increasing the conversion rate for G+ and where G+ fails to give Facebook-like features.

Google Places

For small businesses, ‘Google Places’ offers a fine opportunity to put them on the map, literally. By getting registered at Google Places, small businesses get a chance to promote their daily business leads, new promotions and announcements. More than 50 million companies are already registered at Google Places and the rest are on their way to embrace it. With terrific page rank techniques and algorithms, Google has gained the respect which envies many of its rivals. Experts believe that to convince the rest of the people to switch to e-commerce, Google can play its role. Google Places is perhaps the first step towards it.


Google, as a company, does not stint-on its efforts to serve people better. It continues to bring innovative and exciting features to serve the biggest chunk of people, which according to certain reports are believed to have crossed the barrier of one billion and are spread around the globe. Despite the allegation of being unable to maintain privacy and censorship, the online users all around the world didn’t quit using Google Search Engine and the other services provided by it.

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Why Google+ won’t be a threat to Facebook

Many social media experts have taken a kind of doomsday stand when it comes to the impact Google+ might have on Facebook. This is a natural reaction whenever Google launches a new Facebook killer, so of course we can see it this time as well.

However, let me just give you a few reasons why Google+ is not going to be a Facebook killer:

  • The sceptic in me will tell you that considering Google’s record so far, it’s unlikely they will get it right this time. Perhaps Google+ will be around a little longer, maybe even survive, but the secrecy and hype surrounding Google’s launch of this supposed ultimate social website suggests another fail.
  • Some doomsday prophets suggest a stream of people will simply abandon Facebook for Google+. This is based on a poll conducted by PCMag, which suggests that 50% will abandon Facebook for Google+. This is clearly a ridicoulus number, as it is highly unlikely that 375 million people will suddenly stop using Facebook.
  • If you and all your friends are on Facebook, why then would you suddenly move to a completely unchartered website like Google+? No, most people wouldn’t!
  • Facebook is extremely well established! Google+ is not! In fact, if you were to ask the average user, most are probably not familiar with Google+. Google is, for most people, a search engine and possibly also someone who provides email with lots of space.
  • Facebook allows third party content en masse, which adds value to the website and for the user. Google is unfortunately not known for letting anyone else in on their territory. This will be a problem.

Well, that’s five reasons, good reasons if you ask me, why Google+ will never be a real threat to Facebook. I’m sure I could probably come up with a few more reasons, but this will do for now.

I welcome your comments on the subject!

Google+ … what?

Ok, I know I’ve been pretty hard on Google in the past about their, if truth be told, poor attempts in the field of Social Media. Buzz, Wave and Google Me come to mind. I would like to ad Orkut to that list, but Orkut is in fact used in some parts of the World, though not widely used. Google’s track record doesn’t exactly speak to their advantage. I fear that Google+ may go the same way.

So what is Google+?
Well, no one has yet use the worn out phrase “Facebook killer”, but this is obviously what Google is hoping for it to be. As usual when Google wants to hause its new product, it’s invitation only. They want us to believe that they have finally created the Social Network to rule them all. We’ll see about that.

Google+ want to mimic real life, by letting the user create so called social circles. You can for example have a circle for your friends, a circle for your family and a circle for your colleagues. They call this +Circles. This will allow the user to decide what to share with which circle.

Let’s face it, +Circles is really the only unique feature Google+ has to offer. It’s the one thing Facebook doesn’t have, but that’s probably just a matter of time. Apart from this, Google+ so far only seems like a poor copy of Facebook. They keep doing the same thing over and over, trying to copy instead of creating something of their own. They tried it with Google Wave and Google Me, and now with Google+. It’s simply the same thing with a different name, and perhaps a slightly different look.

Google has one big problem as I see it. They are trying to include everything in this new venture … email, search, Buzz (aka Twitter copy) and an online social profile page. They want to not only rule the World, but the Internet too. As a user I don’t want to be forced to use only one service. I want to pick and choose. I may like Gmail, but I may also like Twitter or Facebook rather than bundle everything up into one.

Google needs to understand how their users think and work. The answer is, if they keep insisting on having a social network, to create a stand alone social network. Google will never be able to compete with Facebook if they keep creating chaos.