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Missed opportunities

A little while back, on December 8th, I missed a photo opportunity possibly of a lifetime. An amazing weather phenomena appeared over Stockholm, Sweden. Some call it a weather sun, but most of you probably know it as a Halo.

I’ve been telling myself for years now that I should always carry a camera when I’m out. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve “seen” great pictures, without having a camera anywhere near. Well, what about your mobile phone? Surely there’s a camera in that? Yes, but it’s only a VGA camera, and it’s good for nothing!

To constantly carry my DSLR around is obviously not an option, but you’d think it would be an easy thing to keep my compact in my pocket. I should have learned my lesson by now!

Anyway, back to the missed opportunity, the Halo. The fact is that I never even saw it, so even if I have had a camera with me I still wouldn’t have gotten the picture.

I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to. What’s your best missed photo opportunity?

The end of Lunarstorm

In the beginning there was Stajl Plejs Community … this was in 1996. We saw the birth of a community which was later, in 2001, renamed Lunarstorm. This was years before anyone had ever come up with the idea of Facebook. I suppose you could call the creators of Lunarstorm (previously Stalj Plejs Community) pioneers in the business of communities.

At it’s most Lunarstorm had around 1.6 million unique visitors per week. That has now dropped to no more than 78,000 visitors per week. Bear in mind, Lunarstorm is a Swedish community with all the limitations that entails, so to once having had 1.6 million visitors per week is a pretty amazing thing.

A number of years ago the owners of Lunarstorm ventured onto the British market by opening an English version of Lunarstorm. This did not go well, and they eventually had to close it down. They simply couldn’t compete with then popular communities such as Myspace and similar sites.

In 2004 we saw Facebook coming to life. I believe we can safely say that this was the beginning of the end for Lunarstorm. Lunarstorm wasn’t exciting anymore and was furthermore limited to Sweden and Scandinavia. Facebook offered the World!

The owner of Lunarstorm, Wyatt Media Group, has now announced that they are going to close it down. However, they are going to try to lure the remaining users over to LS8.se, a site that is presently limited to invitation only. This is supposed to be a “different kind of Lunarstorm”. Well, to me it seems to be pretty much the same. Still the same age group, still the same content. Very much focused on pictures and webcams. Still the same dangers that comes along with teenagers showing themselves off online.

Lunarstorm was loosing members because they didn’t keep up. It’s looks to me that LS8.se is making the same mistakes over again. I can’t see how this new version of Lunarstorm will be any match for Facebook!