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How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial

“In only 11 individual lessons this WordPress Theme Tutorial is going to show you how to build a powerful, up-to-date, WordPress Theme from scratch. As we go along I’ll explain what’s happening including (for better or worse) my thinking on certain techniques and why I’m choosing one path over another. Essentially, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about WordPress Theme development.”

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How to become a guru

What does it take to become a guru? What do You have to do to become a guru, then one people turn to and follow? Well, it may not be as difficult as you might think!

There are a couple of things every guru have in common. First of all, they’re all experts in their field. Naturally, since this blog talks mostly about the Internet and social media and such, this is what I’m talking about. Whether you’re a PHD or self thought doesn’t really matter, you can still be an expert within your field and thus become what we like to call a “guru”.

Second, you don’t become a “guru” overnight, it takes time and a lot of work. True gurus have all gone through this.

Well, let’s say you know all there is to know about your field of knowledge, can you call yourself a guru? No, it takes a little more than that. Now you have to make yourself known to people. You have to market yourself, as well as your expertise.

  • You do this, for instance, by starting a blog where you write articles about the things you know.
  • You should create an account on Twitter where you tweet links to your blog as well as taking an active part in “discussions” by tweeting and re-tweeting, both your own content as well as others.
  • Post articles on other websites other than your own. This way you will be seen and read by more people.
  • Take an active part in forums where topics within your field of expertise is discussed.
  • Make friends with other experts within your field. Something you’ll notice is that “gurus” tend to stick together. You want to find your way into their “community”.
  • Gurus share their knowledge! Make podcasts, tutorials … anything you can think of that could be useful to other people, and make them available for free.

Well, these are only a few things you need to think about if you want to become a guru. Good luck!

And if you have any thoughts or comments, please go ahead and post it here below.