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Posterous acquired by Twitter

Well, I can sort of understand the idea behind this. Twitter obviously want to broaden themselves, but the question is whether it will really benefit them enough to justify this acquisition.

Posterous is apparently going to remain as is, so there won’t be an obvious connection.

The fact is that Twitter will not benefit nearly as much as Posterous from this deal. Although Twitter will gain a lot of expertise, Posterous will be the one to gain exposure and as a result a lot more users.

Facebook vs. Twitter: How are they different?

A while back I came across a great quote: “Facebook is where you find the people you know, Twitter is where you find the people you should know.” To me this really says it all, and I’ll try to explain why …

I’ll use myself as an example to start with. Among all my friends on Facebook there is only one person I’ve never met in real life. Among all my followers and the people I follow on Twitter, there are only two I know in real life. Most of my friends on Facebook are relatives, childhood friends or people I know through work. Very few of them can be of any great help in my professional career, but I value them all very much as friends. Don’t get me wrong, some of them could be very helpful to me in a professional capacity.

On Twitter, however, the whole point is really to follow people you find interesting or have the same interests as you. As my interests for example revolves around subjects like the internet, social media, photography and such, I tend to follow people tweeting about those things. Similarly people with the same kind of interests tend to follow me, as I also tweet about these things.

So what’s the conclusion then? Well, to put it in a very simple way … Facebook is more like a playground where you relax and have fun with your friends, while Twitter is where you connect with others in a more professional manner. This doesn’t mean that Facebook is useless for business. It’s not! It’s a great marketing channel, a place to reach out to your consumers, as well as potential consumers. With half a billion users it is perhaps one of the key places to market your goods and services, as well as conduct your customer service. However, it’s not a place where you find new business partners.

Twitter, being more of a one way communication tool, is off course also a great place for your marketing efforts, but you won’t find the same level of dialog with your customers. However, Twitter is great for finding like minded people, people with the same interests, people in the same line of business. Because of the relative ease of Twitter to connect with other people, you’re more likely to reach out to a potential business partner than you would be on Facebook.

I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think I’m right, or do you have another opinion about this? Let me know.

50 Twitter Tools and Tutorials For Designers and Developers

Twitter appears on innumerable personal and professional websites nowadays, whether it is a simple “Follow me” badge in the header or a display of the author’s latest tweets in the sidebar. No longer a fad, Twitter is now a necessity for every website, not just for sharing your thoughts and keeping in touch with people, but also for marketing, advertising and even searching. But you may be wondering, How can I make Twitter work the way I want on my website?

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Follow Friday

The phenomena of Follow Friday on Twitter … what’s it about? Well, simply put … it’s an opportunity for you to recommend people you follow (and hopefully like) to others, i.e. your followers. Quite a good idea if you ask me. Assuming you follow someone who share your interest in a certain subject, and your followers follow you for the same reason, you can let them know about this. Perhaps your followers, or the person you follow and recommend, will appreciate this and recommend you to their followers. It’s really a win-win situation for all.

So why Follow Friday, why not Follow Tuesday, or Wednesday? My theory is that it just sounds better, and it’s also at the end of the week and you’ve had a few days to think it over. It makes sense, basically.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend a few tweeps (Twitter users) that I personally find interesting and think that others should follow as well:

@jonbuscall – Simply brilliant! What he doesn’t know about Social Media, creating good content, creative writing, is not worth knowing. And if you by any chance would have a question about Basset hounds, he can probably answer that too! 🙂

@socialmedia2day – A business community for some of the web’s best thinkers on Social Media.

@mashable – Another one of these must follow tweeps. Pete Cashmore is the guy behind this community of writers and geeks. Anything in Social Media, business, tech and so on.

@davidairey – A brand identity designer, as well as avid blogger and author of “Logo Love Design – A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities”.

Now, apart from these guys, I’d also like to recommend you to follow @bbcnews for the latest updates on the World news, @jamie_oliver for anyone who’s interested in food, and last but definitely not least @DalaiLama (His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama) for your spiritual wellfare.

If you follow these people / tweeps I believe your off to a good start. Of course you might not be interested in design or social media, or even the news. This is really up to you. You need to find your favourites. All I can do is to help you on the way. I might have missed mentioning some other great tweeps, so why don’t you suggest your favourites!

Blocking followers on Twitter

Now there’s a thought! But why would you want to block people from following you? I just read this blog post about how to block unwanted Twitter followers. It recommended a service called Nest Unclutterer. With this service you can supposedly protect your privacy from marketers and businesses, and remove inactive followers.

I have one word for this service … unnecessary! Seriously, if you’re worried about your privacy, then either make sure you don’t tweet about things you don’t want others to know, or simply don’t tweet. The same would apply to pretty much any social media, for instance Facebook which recently have made some changes to their default privacy settings.

When it comes to so called inactive Twitter users I honestly don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Personally I welcome anyone who wants to follow me on Twitter. The more, the merrier! What is an inactive user? Do the author of the blog post I read, as well as the people behind the service Nest Unclutterer, mean tweeters who don’t tweet? If that’s the case, then they’re sooooo wrong. As I stated in a previous blog post about Twitter users, just because you don’t tweet it doesn’t mean that you’re not active. It may be that you’re simply only interested in reading what others tweet about. All Twitter users may not have anything they want to share with others.

Anyway, I’ll let you make your own mind up. Here’s the link to Nest Unclutterer.