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Reboot, or Just Upgrade Instead?

“Change is always hard, and knowing when to upgrade or redesign is among the most critical events in a site’s history. A successful transition from old to new will re-vitalize a community, give renewed interest in your content or perhaps better portray your services. A poorly thought through redesign may cause your current user base to consider going to your competitors instead.”

This is a quote from an excellent post about web design that is both interesting and thought provoking. It’s well worth a read. I just love the way the author introduces the term Reboot as a synonym for a complete re-design.

Click here to read the full article at Oneextrapixel.com …

WordPress 3.0

So it was decided … it was time to upgrade to WP 3.0. It was quick and painless. To be honest I was a little bit worried before I eventually upgraded. I had read a few comments about upgrading that mentioned that there was a risk of problems occurring. In my case there were none. Completely painless. Well done WordPress!

As this was an upgrade to 3.0, I was expecting some changes, maybe even some major changes. However, the only difference I’ve noticed so far is that the admin interface is slightly cleaner, or stylish if you will. I believe I’ve read something about the possibility of multiple users/blogs, but as this is not an issue for me at present, I haven’t even began to look for it. Perhaps later …