About me

Greetings. My name is Jörgen Broström, a native of the mesmerizing archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, born in the year 1970. This uniquely beautiful and serene landscape not only served as the backdrop to my early years but has profoundly influenced my visual aesthetic, a cornerstone of my passion – photography.

Presently, I hold a position as a developer at one of Sweden’s most prominent IT corporations, a responsibility I’ve diligently fulfilled since 2009. However, my journey through the professional realm began with a starkly different canvas. Before stepping into the vast universe of IT, I spent several enriching years immersed in the dynamic world of web design and graphic artistry. The essence of those roles, shaping visual concepts and bringing ideas to vivid life, proved both challenging and rewarding. Additionally, my brief tenure as an educator afforded me a unique perspective on knowledge-sharing, enhancing my appreciation for collaborative growth and mentorship.

While my career in IT offers substantial satisfaction and a sense of achievement, photography remains my most treasured pursuit. The act of capturing moments, emotions, and the sheer beauty of the world around us, resonates deeply within me. While I humbly consider myself an enthusiast, there exists a quiet aspiration – a dream, if you will – that one day I might earn the title of a professional photographer. This ambition isn’t merely rooted in recognition but in a desire to achieve a level of mastery that resonates with the true artistry of the craft.

My photography portfolio, which I am excited to showcase here, is as diverse as the experiences that have shaped my life. From the bustling energy of street scenes, capturing candid moments in time, to the grandeur of landscapes that tell tales of nature’s majesty; from the intricate details unveiled through macro photography to the stories and cultures encapsulated in travel photos – my work seeks to traverse genres and emotions alike.

Furthermore, this platform will serve not just as a gallery of my work, but as a space for dialogue and discourse about photography. Through articles, insights, and perhaps tutorials, I intend to share my learnings and musings on this art form. It is my sincere hope that enthusiasts, professionals, or simply curious visitors might find value in these reflections, fostering a community bound by a shared love for the visual narrative.

In closing, I invite you to journey with me – through the lens of my camera and the words that accompany these snapshots. Whether you’re here to appreciate, learn, or simply engage, know that your presence is valued and your perspectives, always welcome.

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