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Personal data – What is it?

Personal data is information and assessments that can be linked directly or indirectly to an individual, i.e. the data subject.


Personal data includes name, gender, age, address, phone number (for personal or work use), credit card transactions, social security number etc. But we must also remember that, for example, IP addresses and encryption keys in many cases can be linked to individuals, and thus may be considered as personal data. Personal data also includes behavioral information such as where you shop, what you watch etc (often referred to as profiling).


Sensitive personal data is information on race or ethnicity, political, philosophical and religious beliefs, health conditions, sexuality, membership in unions, criminal matters. In addition, it includes genetic and biometric information when General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25, 2018.

What is personal data?

Personal data can be observed, inferred and/or derived.

Personal data is a piece of information or assessment of it that can be linked to you as an individual. It includes name, personal identity number, address, telephone number, E-mail, iris pattern, credit card information etc.

Sensitive personal data includes information on race or ethnicity, political, philosophical and religious beliefs, health conditions, sexuality, membership in associations or criminal matters.

Observed personal data about your behavior like “What and how do you shop?” – “What do you watch on TV?” – “Where are you going?” – “What are you searching for on the Internet?”

The Law of Compounding

If you publish amazing, quality content and work to build your online audience of quality followers, they’ll share it with their own audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blogs and more.

The Future of Mobile

Users are no longer happy with cookie-cutter relationships with their apps. They want personalized experiences and app content that maps to their preferences, needs and locations. They know you have data on them, and as long as you respect and protect their privacy, they are OK with letting you use it to create a better experience. The problem is businesses are not thinking big when it comes to meeting those expectations …

Think about it!

A Word Of Warning, Google!

Google now wants to begin charging people for using YouTube. What’s behind this decision is completely beyond me! YouTube has hundreds of millions of users, millions each day. These users watch anything from short snippets of cats playing to whole movies. The sad reality is that most of the content on YouTube is pure rubbish, only a small percentage is actually worth watching. All of it is funded by advertising. Google makes millions, if not billions, of dollars in profit from this. Yet they now want to implement a fee for using already ad funded service.

A word of warning for Google … people will not pay for rubbish. A fee, however small, will cause your users to look elsewhere. The very day you begin charging this fee, you will see a host of competitors popping up offering the same service … for free! And not only that, when your users disappear so will your advertisers.

Think twice before you go ahead with this!